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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Welcome to the Timechanges of Your Life!

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to my Internet!!!!!!!
My name is Neal Anderson, and today is, I believe, one of the best days in my life, because I am undergoing one of what is in my beliefs one of the biggest Timechanges of them all - I am getting blogged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Getting blogged is the only way to do these days - it is the only way to say "Hey world - let's get serious!!!!!!!! I've got things to say and I'm going to say them, online and in your face!"
But whoa, let's slow down a minute!!!!!!! I haven't even told you what Timechanges are. Many of you know what they are, if you have read my book Timechanges (Note to the internet people - Link to my book here please!!!!) or read my columns for many papers and journals around the world.
Timechanges are the changes in one's life, over time. They are the changes that make us who we are! Everybody is changing, even though many do not know it! Take for instance, a child, because one day that child will be a man or even a lady, and they will be all like "What the? Where'd this thing come from? What's this hair all about!!!????" Ha ha. My point is this, EVERYBODY DOES THE TIMECHANGES!!!!!!!
But the most important thing is to take a step back, and be like, okay, I get it. I am CHANGING. What can I do to take ahold of these important Timechanges and transform them into PURE POWER? That's what this internet blogger is all about! By sharing my own Timechanges, I will help you with yours! We will have our Timechanges together! On the internet which is, I believe, a Timechange of a very special lady - MOTHER EARTH.
Think about it.
Yours Truly, Neal Anderson.