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Monday, April 18, 2005

Drew Berrymore!

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This one is about Drew Berrymore and how she is/has a beautiful spirit. Also, she is in a new movie, The Fever Pitch! Swing and a homer, this one is in the league of the World Series. Have you guessed it is about baseball and the people who love it and the people who love these people? Baseball is a unique game. It is an American pastoral. There is nothing like it. Nobody knows this better than the fellow in this movie, who I don’t know. I don’t know this one. He is a funny one? At the end of this movie something happens (I don’t know) but everybody is happy and running around on a field and kissing, and that is my kind of good time. But this web blogger is not about movies. If you want to read about movies I am the writer for a weirdo web blogger called Screen Test and you can you read all about them here. Here is where I write about the timechanges.

Drew Berrymore is/has a beautiful spirit. I saw her on TV and she was all like “Butterflies are beautiful!” (yes!) and “Togetherness is amazing!” (YES!) and “Dr. Phil you are telling me it like it is!” (Yes! He is a doctor!). Seeing Drew Berrymore say all these things made me think it is no joke – this is a lady who is all about timechanges.

Once long ago, she did the finger with E.T. and filled her body up with a lot of booze and such. Cocaine! She was just a little one. She was raised by wealthy folks who encouraged her bad behaviour. In fact, they were, I believe, royalty. She is a Hollywood princess? (CONGRATULATIONS CHARLES AND CAMILLA, even though she is NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD as THE OTHER ONE) Times have now changed and Drew Berrymore has had her fair share of timechanges. Now she is 30 (!) and has found love with a rock and roller, a nice one. I have seen it in the magazines. Also, she loves animals. Also, what is it about her that she can always be so sunny and full of sunshine?

Drew Berrymore is, I believe, a sunny survivor who has used timechanges to help her get through her life and her troubles, and is all like “la la la” with her animals and such. I wish that I could be sitting next to her on Dr. Phil Show and we would hold hands – not me and Dr. Phil, me and Drew Berrymore haha! While we were holding hands we would tell the world “You can do this! You can have timechanges and understand that togetherness is amazing!” Then maybe Dr. Phil would see that we really loved each other (Me and Drew Berrymore and not me and himself, the Dr.) and he would expose the rock and roller as a drug addict and this would allow Drew Berrymore and myself to wed. If I were to wed Drew Berrymore, she would tell me all the top secret info on the sequel to E.T. which I KNOW THEY ARE MAKING AND WHICH WILL SOON BE REVEALED TO US, SOONER THAN WE THINK. I know this much about this sequel – there will be a wedding for the boy Elliot, and there will be a special guest at the wedding. Can you guess who? (It will be E.T.)

Have you noticed I am talking a lot about weddings? This is a coincidence, but also, it is, I believe, Springtime. So to all those people, be they white or jewish or what-have-you, Chinese, the ones getting married, I say: Mazeltov!

Yours Truly,Neal Anderson

P.S. My friend Gary (a DJ) just told me Drew Berrymore used to be a porno girl! IS THIS TRUE!? Why would she do it!!!???? Gar said that late one night she showed her feminity to an old man on TV, the one with the weirdo teeth, and then she went off to do pornos and drugs, and I’ll bet this is where she met the rock and roller. Now I am thinking that she is not the spirit of timechanges that I thought she was, because it is all fine and good but what if we were married and she was still making these pornos in secret and I accidentally watched them in our Tv room, and it was all like I don’t know who put it in there I believe it is a real bad one.

P.P.S. What is the Charlie’s Angels? Are there three of them in this?


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