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Monday, May 16, 2005



I am getting great feedback on the Spacers space story! People are loving it!!! Well guess what, I am loving writing it!!! I am especially happy that this space story will be helping people learn about their Timechanges. They will not even know that they are learning about them and then one morning they will wake up, I believe, and be all like “Oh ha ha, look at that, I’ve had the Timechanges in my bed, whilst sleeping, or such. In the new Spacers (SPACERS 2!), you will notice a BIG CHANGE! My friend Gary, who is a DJ, told me it was dumb to have one character named Kee-Bo and another (the Cowboy Guy) named Bo, because it is confusing, even though Bo looks SO MUCH like BO from The American Idol that it is the PERFECT NAME for him!!!! But Timechanges happen, and are important, and so I will change Bo’s name to STARBONE!!! That is the coolest name, so it is okay. HIS NAME IS NOW RICKY STARBONE, but EVERYBODY WILL JUST CALL HIM STARBONE!
NOW ENJOY the next part of Spacers! I think it is WAY BETTER than the first, I believe. STARBONE! KEE-BO! PRINCESS ARMENIAN!

Yours truly, Neal Anderson

P.S. I left the line-up for Star Wars because it was cold and a lady who might have been a hooker and was all laughing around with the robots with her weird-o hairdo and was giving me the evil eye. Was she a witch, a space witch. Wow that is a great idea for Spacers and I think I will do it, the Space Witch.

P.S.S Good luck to the singer Anthony Fedorov, because in a sad news he was made to leave off from The American Idol because Paula Abdul (?) tried to have sexual intercourse with him. Good luck Anthony! With your life! (It’s okay because he is a Russian!!!)



They are on the spaceship, now. Kee-bo is on the spaceship.

What is the spaceship called? It is called the Lady Penelope. All ships are ladies. Even the spaceships, I believe. This is a cool one, though. A blue one.

Starbone (BO!) is punching in the buttons, so is the big Rooster, Rusty the Rooster!
Princess Armenian makes the space bath for Kee-bo. The ship is going super-fast, at super speed. The planet behind them, which is Zargon-5, which is Kee-bo’s home, is becoming smaller and smaller, which is actually just a trick of the eye, I know that. But it looks like it is getting smaller.

Do you remember how Kee-bo’s parents (not his real parents) had their skin zapped off by Starbone and Princess Armenian, with their zappers, and then you could see that they were robots. Well, Kee-bo is still sad about that. Also, his sister, Kasaba, I think she is a goner too, and not a robot. That is so sad! She was young, but pretty. Don’t even think about it, I know, but anyways now she’s a goner. Kee-bo’s crying. I know, grow up, right? But he is REALLY sad about it, and he’s all like “Whaaaa!!!??? I’m on a spaceship!!!!” How would that make ME feel? WEIRD.

Princess Armenian. Is she a hooker? She looks like one, but nice. Kee-bo gets in the bathtub. It feels Good!!!!!!! His tears, I believe, become like the so many drops of water that have made his spacebath.

“Why did you zap my mommy and daddy?” This is Kee-bo, asking this question.

“I told ya little feller, they was robots!!! WE HAD TO!!!!” This is Starbone.

So now Kee-bo stops crying. FINALLY.

“Now saddle up, pardner.” (Starbone saying this.) “Yer in fer quite a ride! Spacers style!!!!”

“What is a Spacer?” This is Kee-bo.

“Allow me, monsieur,” says the snooty French robot, the one that is friends with the robot that looks like a big ball. It can even bounce like a big ball, the other one!

The French one (robot) says that a spacer is a special kind of spaceman, a spaceman who lives by his own rules! But also a spaceman that is after the biggest secret in outer space, the location of the BEST PLANET EVER. This planet is supposed to be SO GOOD, so filled with so many awesome things.

“What kind of things?” This is Kee-bo.

The Snooty French Robot says a bunch of things which are all great. What do you think is so great? That is what he said.

Kee-bo is happy now, happy enough to go to sleep right now.

Little does Kee-bo know is that while he is sleeping and the Lady Penelope is traveling at Superspeed the three freaky Siamese twins are reading his mind with their SECRET MIND POWERS.

Also, in another part of the galaxy, there is another ship, but it is weird. It is huge! And it has a face on it, a mean one. This face is so mean, it looks like the meany from the scary one with the scissor hands and the sweater, but it is only half of a face, and the other half is a spaceship. It is a half man half spaceship and it is called McGOOLIHAN! (is that a scary name?) McGOOLIHAN is filled with a bunch of other baddies, the CREEPERS.

ATTENTION CREEPERS!!! (This is the voice of McGOOLIHAN, and it sounds like part-man and part-spaceship, and REALLY scary) DESTROY KEE-BO!!!!

Nooooooo!!!! WHY!!!!???????????

Also, back in the spaceship Lady Penelope, in the spacebath, Kee-bo is having a dream and in his dream is a pretty girl, LEGAL!, and she is all like HELLLLP MEEEEE KEEEE-BOOOO!!!! She is all like floating in clouds and gases when she is saying this, in the dream. Kee-bo (in the dream) is all like Whaaa???? My name is Kee-bo! What’s your name? And she is all like “My name is Aereolahay!!!!”

Also, up in the special captains room which called a cockpit (I am not making this up it is true!!!!!!!) Starbone is all like (not in the dream!) “Uh oh we got trouble dead ahead – looks like a bunch a those darn Creepers!!!”

UH OH! And this is NOT PART OF THE DREAM! There is BIG TROUBLE AHEAD!!! CREEEEEEEEEEEEPERRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Keep reading the Spacers!

Yours Truly, Neal Anderson


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