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Tuesday, May 10, 2005



Will you guess where I am!? I am in line for New Star Wars with my friend Gary who is a DJ. It is so much fun. You can read all about it here (THIS IS A LINK TO THE INTERNET PLACE WHERE I WRITE ABOUT THE MOVIES!!!). I have been talking to my new friends about Timechanges and I have had an idea! People (all kinds!) can, I believe, be learning about the Timechanges from an exciting space story. This will be a spiritual story, and exciting. I will begin the story here, and soon it will be a very famous classic. Get ready for excitement! Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!



In space, in the galaxy.

(There are no sounds in outer space.)

But wait!

On Zargon-5, it is a tiny moon planet. It is made of sand.
There is a lake, it is called Zargon Lake.

On the lake lives a family, but the boy is a weird one, the little one.

His name is Kee-bo. (KEE-BO!)

Kee-bo has a face like a black one, also a bit Chinese.
His parents are white ones (?).
His sister is named Kasaba. She is pretty but young, too young. Do not even think about it. DON’T. Even though she has silver cones on her whatsits.

One day Kee-bo is walking around the lake. The moon planet has many moons and even in the morning you can see like, six moons. Every morning Kee-bo walks around the lake. This time, the first thing about Kee-bo is he is sad. Why are you sad, Kee-bo?

Also this time, a spaceship comes down. It is huge, the spaceship. It is a blue one, it is cool.

Out there comes a man, he is a cowboy guy, all sass and such. It is Bo. He is just like the guy Bo on American Idol, only more of a cowboy. He chews the cud.

Also, there is a lady, a scrappy one, her name is Princess Armenian. She is like the blondie on American Idol, maybe, only maybe she looks more like a hooker (but she is not a hooker!!!!)

“Get in, get in!” yells Princess Armenian. (They are zapping now)

Kee-bo does not know what to do (he does not know he is adopted, this one.). They are firing off their zappers (zapping), and Kee-bo is, I believe, scared. He turns around and sees it is his parents that the space people are firing at (!). When the laser bullets hit the skin of his parents, their skin peels off and they are robots!!!!!!!

“WHAT!!!??? NOOOOO!!!!????” (This is Kee-bo)

Kasaba is dead or something. His sister. That’s sad! The cowboy guy – BO! - grabs Kee-bo and puts him on the ship.

Kee-bo is crying. Don’t be a baby, Kee-bo!

The scrappy lady – what is her name? Princess Armenian! She closes the “main hatch.” WHOOSH!

Cowboy guy (BO!) laughs, “Ha Kee-bo, you did not know that your folks was robots, but they are ha ha, and I’m sorry your sis done died but yee-ha we’s gonna have a good time!”

Kee-bo is still crying, in the ship. He can see that it is a cool ship, this one, and there are rugs and chandeliers everywhere (space ones).

Also, a big furry one, a rooster, but big.

Also, some robots. A snooty French robot, and one that is round like a ball, a big ball.

Also, three little Siamese twins who cannot talk but have special mind powers that I will be talking about later.

Kee-bo asks everybody who it is they are and where are they taking him!?

Cowboy guy (BO!) laughs and is like “Ha Kee-bo, we are the Spacers, and you will come with us to the adventure of the universe.”

Kee-bo says “Nooo wayyyy!” and “Awesome!!!!!!!”


He will be having the timechanges, in space. (Kee-bo)


(is it better than New Star Wars? Tell me! Be HONEST!!!!!)

Also, NEXT TIME: There will be a bad guy, a giant man who is part-man/part-spaceship! There will also be a pretty girl named Aereolahay. And also, special mind powers and the power of the Timechanges. KEEP READING!


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